Options for Non-Slip Floor Treatment in Retail Stores

Options for Non-Slip Floor Treatment in Retail Stores
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If you own or run a retail store in Australia, slip accidents can be a severe worry for visitors and employees, resulting in liability and expensive lawsuits. Slip testing floor treatment solutions and applications can help alleviate any concerns about floor safety and effectively avoid these mishaps, but only if the appropriate materials, techniques, and expertise are employed. Suppose you wish to identify and handle slip fall dangers on retail store floors. In that case, there are several anti-slip floor alternatives to select from, and the optimal one will rely on a range of aspects and considerations.

The Statistics and Facts 

  1. A slip and fall mishap in the workplace accounts for about one-third of all workers’ compensation claims.
  2. Medical expenditures alone from slip and fall incidents cost Australia millions of dollars each year. When legal fees are factored in, the total can be in the billions of dollars.

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  1. These kinds of mishaps are ripe for con artists. When non-slip floor treatment is applied to retail store flooring, it prevents the potential of a fraudulent claim and helps avoid any liability on the part of the store owner.
  2. Every year, over one million people visit local emergency departments worldwide due to such an incident.

In Australia, retailers have a duty of care.

Commercial property owners, particularly those who run retail stores, have a Duty of Care under Australian law to keep staff and visitors safe using all reasonable ways. Non-slip floor treatment applications and solutions can help you fulfill or exceed your legal duty of care and avoid liability in the case of a slip and fall accident. Slip floor testing and a complete inspection of retail store flooring will assist in identifying any potentially hazardous spots and floor surfaces, preventing the owner from being caught off guard by hidden dangers.

Guidelines for Keeping Retail Store Floors as Safe as Possible 

  1. Experienced professionals should always apply or install non-slip floor treatments. It will ensure that the correct actions are taken and that the desired results are obtained.
  2. If at all feasible, never do floor maintenance or cleaning while customers are present.
  1. As soon as you notice any spills, standing water, or wetness on the floor, clean it up. It will assist in reducing accidents caused by these compounds causing slips and falls.
  2. Keep all cords and other items off the floor as much as possible. If there are cords, cables, or other clutter, someone may trip or slip, resulting in significant injury.


Friction Systems Melbourne is a market leader in slip testing treatment and floor safety solutions for all types of properties. We’ll promptly examine and evaluate your retail store floors, so you’re aware of all potential hazards. We’ll then offer cost-efficient and practical solutions that fulfill your floor safety requirements as well as the flooring kinds and materials involved.