Bowling Brisbane – A Must Try For Bowling-Variations

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Bowling is a game loved by many. And why not? It requires only a few pieces of equipment and can be a good bonding activity. Bowling consists of using a ball to hit the pins at the end of the lane. Rolling the ball can be trickier, but you can always get a good laugh. You can play it as a fun game or keep a fun match between your colleagues or friends by playing bowling brisbane.

 bowling brisbane

What is bowling?

Bowling is the game of rolling the ball. The aim of rolling the ball is to hit the pins placed at the end of the lane. Ten pins of size according to the variation of the game you are playing are placed. You need to hit the maximum pins possible to score the points. You can check the bowling Brisbane to enjoy the variety it provides.

Working on the game

The game is played in 10 frames, each consisting of 2 rolls. It means a player gets two shots per frame. You receive a strike if you knock down all ten pins in one go. Knocking down the ten pins in 2 rolls is considered a spare. The total game is 300 points because the maximum number of strikes in the total game is 12. The last frame can be a turning point, as you can get a maximum of three rolls in the game. The number of pins is counted in each game as several points.

What are the different types of pin games?

There are many variations of the game played.

  • Ten-pin bowling: The pins used for the ten-bowling are heavy. It requires a ball with three holes.
  • Nine-pin bowling: The balls used for the game has zero pins.
  • Candlepin bowling: This variation of the game makes use of tall pins.
  • Duckpin bowling: This variation of the game makes use of short pins.

What rules to follow during the game?

  1. The first rule starts with the throwing of the ball. You are not allowed to throw the ball past the foul line. If you cross the foul line, the pins do not get counted. But the ball gets counted. This creates a disadvantage for you as you lose on a roll.
  2. If multiple players are playing at the same time, it is good etiquette to let the person on the right roll first.
  3. The soles of the shoes should be different. While bowling, you make different use of both legs. One of your feet is a sliding foot. The sole of this shoe needs to be smooth to avoid any friction. The other foot is the non-sliding foot. The sole needs to be something that can provide friction.