New Tamil Movie Ayngaran on Aha

New Tamil Movie Ayngaran on Aha
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Ayngaran is one of the latest Tamil movies that you can watch on Aha, and you will like this movie due to its plot. G.V. Prakash Kumar stars in this movie, and Ravi Arasu is the director and writer of it. This is one of the most thrilling Tamil movies that you may rarely come across.

You can watch this and other movies online on Aha OTT. This is a Tamil movie produced by B Ganesh under the banner Common Man Presents. In this guide, you will learn more about this thriller movie in detail.


Mathi (G.V. Prakash) is seen as a mechanical engineering graduate who constructs several machines and invents new things. Though he tries to get a patent for them from the government, his efforts go in vain, and he soon arrives at a poultry farm owned by famous businessmen in the area and catches the act of steroids being mixed in meat.

He soon shoots a video of the process, and the unlawful thing gets viral. This leads to the farm being sealed, and in return, Mathi earns the wrath of the businessmen. There is also a child who gets trapped inside a pit drilled for setting up a borewell. Watch the film how Mathi gets involved in all these matters.

What to Expect?

Ayngaran is one of the best movies online to watch on Aha with your friends and family. When the film begins, Mathi is shown as a mechanical engineer; based on this scene, you would think that it is a sci-fi film, but it is far from that. You also see a robbery take place a few minutes into the film, and the film feels like a heist thriller, with Mathi inventing machines to stop them.

You also see Mathi engage in a rivalry with a business owner, and there are scenes regarding injecting meat with steroids. The next scene about rescuing the girl from a borewell pit is intense, and the action is fast and furious. It is a highly engaging film with brilliant performances from the cast like Mahima Nambiar, Sidhartha Shankar, Ravi Venkataraman and many more.

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