Types Of Home Elevators

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Every building has at least one elevator. Elevators have become more common with the growth in affordable housing and larger homes, but there are still some types of elevador casa that may surprise you

Here are the different types of elevators:

Hydraulic elevators

The most common type is probably the hydraulic elevator. The elevator uses a piston to pump liquid up and down. Hydraulic elevators are strong, can lift heavy loads, and are energy efficient. However, because of their size and how much space they take up, they are usually only used for heavy-duty lifts like top floor accessible elevators, baggage handling systems, warehouse pickers and utility equipment

Belt-type elevators

Belt-type elevators are called that because the cables or belts are actually driven by a motor. They are used mainly for individuals on foot and can be used in smaller buildings.

Cantilever Elevators

Cantilever elevators use a wide base and a bending mechanism to move people up and down, hence the name. The force of gravity works against the elevator, so it needs to be strong enough not to tip over with an average of 16 cars per building.

Surface-level Elevators

These elevators are designed to move people between floors at the same level. They are much more common in older buildings in Europe and Japan, but may be beginning to make a comeback in the US because of the high cost of building new elevators.

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Room-type elevators

They are basically stairs that go up and down. The term room-type is a bit deceptive because many of these elevators use rotating platforms, but they still fit the description of being like stairs. The elevator rooms are not very common anymore, but there are still older buildings that use them.

Hand-operated Elevators

These were quite popular in the early 20th century, especially in apartment buildings and hotels that wanted to cut costs. However, they are actually quite dangerous and slow to operate, so they are not used anymore.


Escalators have steps that move up and down instead of moving horizontally like in an elevator. They were once thought to be more efficient than other types of elevators because they took less space, but it is now known that that is not always the case, especially when it comes to maintenance costs.

Pneumatic Elevators

Pneumatic elevators use air pressure to move people around, similar to how a vacuum works. These are used when there is no good place for an elevator due to the fact that there is not enough space for it. However, pneumatic elevators still require large amounts of space and moving equipment, so they are too small to be used in most buildings.