Why receiving an award may help your career and your community

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Have you ever received an award? It might be anything from employee of the month to the largest pumpkin award, star student of the week, or even the prestigious Nobel Prize. It is not so much about the status as it is about how it makes us feel. There are many Custom Trophy Maker.

We enjoy receiving awards because they make us feel wonderful. They are a recognition of a job well done, as well as justification for the misery, self-doubt, and hard effort that went into obtaining them. We might feel proud, pleased, thrilled, and delighted when we get an award. They validate us and increase our self-esteem.

The importance of acknowledgment

  • Humans require acknowledgement. We experience intense emotional responses when we win or lose. We have evolved to desire victory because it has historically meant the difference between life and death. A victory over the raiding Vikings meant life and land, while a defeat meant death or slavery. As a result, humans have evolved to desire and enjoy victory.
  • In biology, there is a notion known as the winner effect. It has been shown that when an animal wins a conflict in the wild, it is more likely to win subsequent bouts, even when other causes such as physical disparities are considered. Winning reinforces itself. Humans experience the same as well.
  • Also, receiving an award has more advantages than merely winning. Aside from making us feel good, it may also be beneficial to company. An honour establishes credibility and opens the door to new chances. It has the ability to dazzle potential customers and increase sales, as well as encourage staff engagement and loyalty. Custom Trophy Maker shows that we are proud of what we do and that we do it well.
  • Every year, recognising the good and exceptional in a community establishes a baseline for everyone to see and agree on. And possibly to motivate others to attain or exceed that benchmark the following year. As the proverb goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and when viewed in this light, awards are a significant contributor to continuing growth and societal advancement.
  • However, academic success may also be recognised through awards at schools and institutions. Winning a school contest or competition may make students to the top of their class, instilling in them a sense of leadership and achievement in the classroom. As students move closer to university, awards might help them receive scholarships and choose a professional path.