Things you need to know about Sports Fantasy Football

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One of the most well-known ways to be involved in sports is Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Whether it’s a great way to support your favorite team, a way to compete with other fans, or to have fun. Sky Sports Fantasy Football is an ideal way to the official Fantasy Premier League game. Although there are differences, the basic principles are the same.

Check out the summary of the major features

  • Free to play
  • Monthly and weekly prizes
  • Choose your formation and team of 11 players
  • Make transfers across the season to boost your team
  • Play against Sky Sports presenters and pundits
  • Monitor your score with live game updates
  • Play against mates with tailored leagues
  • Create a prize pot with family and friends in Prize leagues

For you to play, you only need a Sky Bet account and sign in using your PIN and Sky ID.


Your team will score points depending on the real-life performance of your players in Premier League matches. The Opta data feed empowered the scoring.

Bonus Points

Bonus points are awarded for tackles, saves, passes, and shots on target and there are 2 tiers.

Multiple Captains

As with Fantasy Premier League, captains receive double points, the negative and positive.  A distinct feature of Sky Fantasy football yet is the ability to choose a captain for each day of the Gameweek. Thus, if there are games on Monday, Friday, Sunday, and Saturday, then you can select four captains over that period. With this in mind, it’s necessary to observe the fixture list.


            Once the season has begun, you will need a total of 40 available transfers during the season, with up to five transfers each Gameweek. You get as well two wildcards and the Gameweek runs from Friday to Thursday. To be entitled to scoring, transfers must be done before the Match Day deadline, that is the kick-off of the initial match that day. Transfers happen after the Match Day deadline and will begin scoring from the next Match Day.

How can I play against my friends?

            You can create a League and become a chairman to play against your friends and join a league, search for a league by looking or entering a pin. There are various ways to compete against others in the Sky Sports game. You can join or create a Free League with your colleagues and friends yet there are ways to win money too. Sky Sports can manage your money league for you to get rid of any awkwardness post-season. You can select the entry fee and the prize structure ahead of time and Sky Sports will take care of the rest.

It is the best way to add excitement to the experience of sports watches. With a lot of strategies and leagues, players can be creative.