Name: Tristan Featherby

How long have you been running? Four years, Three years with Pocklington Runners

Biggest running achievement?
Last Saturday Hardmoor 60. Finishing 11th in a time of 11h20m.

Running Goal: One day I would like to run a sub 3 hour Marathon.

Why did i take up running? I wanted a challenge

Running Tip: Make running as sociable and fun as possible. You could do this by  joining clubs, run with your mates, park running and entering races with friends.

Trainers: I have few depending on the race and terrain. For Hardmoors I used Brooks cascaders

If you didn’t run what would you do? I would be hiking in the mountains.

Best thing about being a Pock Runner. It’s full of really welcoming, friendly and encouraging people.


Thanks Smiler!