How Long have you been running:
About 19 Months

3 facts about you:

  • ⚡️ I’m always late – hate the constraints of time
  • ⚡️ I’m most relaxed, gardening at my Uncles farm, wellies on, not a care in the world (my escape!)
  • ⚡️ When I’m nervous I talk too much and mix my words up (very embarrassing!)

What made you start running:
Needed to cut costs on exercise classes to do more horse riding. I naively thought running was a cheap solution but soon realised after trainers, clothes, watches, races, physio ect it was quite the opposite. By this point I was hooked! Now hardly any horse riding and more running! 🙂

Biggest Running Achievement:
I should say my half marathon for the distance but the biggest sense of achievement I’ve felt was being able to run back to support other runners on the club runs, making sure no one was left behind.

Running Goal:
To carry on enjoying running, run comfortably and learn not to put pressure on myself.

Running Tip:
When there’s setbacks, Don’t Give Up, Keep Going. As they say “for every setback there’s a comeback”
Don’t always run on your own, make time for Club runs. There’s always an abundance of motivational support, camaraderie, smiles and laughter, not to forget a well earned cup of tea and biscuits 🙂

Trainers: Brooks

If you didn’t run what would you do:
Not sure, running is so good for my mind and gives me such a sense of achievement I’m not sure what would replace it! I suppose it would be back to horse riding, gardening and other exercise classes.

Best thing about being a Pock Runner:
As mentioned above the amount of support and friendship at the club is second to none. Everyone has their own battles to overcome but if you fall there’s always someone to pick you up and get you back on track!
AND the club has the best Christmas Sing Along Ever 🎄🎶

Thanks Steph we think you are awesome