Name: Clare Chappell aka Selfie Queen

How long have you been running? About 20 years on and off plodding but just short of 2 years with the club

Three crazy facts:

Went to School with 2 of Kasabian

Travelled SE Asia solo in my early 30s and had a very hairy 12 hours after leaving my passport on Koh Tao Island when I was en route to Bangkok!

I take an awesome Selfie

What made you start running?
Starting work and being a grown up and needed to run off sitting down all day eating biscuits! Joined the club with a prompt from my Husband tagging me in a Facebook post after having our second child as I was knackered and struggling to get back to running on my own and I am really grateful to him.

Biggest running achievement?
Joining Pock Runners and having a year of participating in races. Knocking 14 minutes off a half marathon from 2012 and 3.5 mins off last year’s 10 mile & completing BW Half (thank you Sharon) = Brutal and took me weeks to recover mentally!

Running goal: To complete a marathon and a sub 2 hr half…..hopefully in 2019!

Running Tip: Enjoy it and always run your own race and don’t put too much pressure on yourself (have to remind myself of this frequently)

Trainers: Asics GT 2000 and Hoka Arahi 2

If you didn’t run what would you do: Be miserable (ask Dan)

Best thing about being a Pock Runner: Was – Pamela’s Cherry Scones, but also the awesome friends I have made, the support, advice and guidance and the growing confidence in my running through the encouragement of club members who push me out of my comfort zone a bit…. Marcus/Peter(Jacko)