Buying a used car from a private individual or dealer

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Buying a car from a private individual certainly saves time and money. There is the risk of falling into scams and scams, therefore, if possible, it is always good to have the vehicle checked by a mechanic, so that he can carry out all the necessary checks with professionalism and rigor to identify any problems such as km scaling. If you are in a hurry, you are looking for working four wheels at a low price and you do not care if the car is also very old, contacting a private person is certainly the best thing. In no time you can have your car at a reduced cost used cars in sacramento.

If, on the contrary, you are looking for a car that is economical but also of quality and above all that lasts, it is good to rely on those who have the possibility to provide certificates and guarantees. A dealer will hardly be able to offer the same price as a private one, but you will have more certainty in terms of quality and efficiency.

It must be said that even the dealers are not all the same and it is good to be careful to choose the best in terms of reliability, which offers good value for money. Many online portals can be a useful tool for comparing the different dealers, the models available to them and their respective costs, in relation to the services offered.

Choose one of the best-selling used cars in Italy

If you really don’t know what to fish for, you can trust what others are doing and choose one of the best-selling used cars in Italy . If other buyers have chosen those models, they are likely to have made their own assessments and therefore deem them suitable for purchase. The best-selling used cars are Fiat models : in first place we find the unstoppable Fiat Panda , followed by the youthful 500 and the small car Punto. Among them is also the excellence of Volkswagen with its Golf . Other very popular cars are the elegant Lancia Ypsilon and the comfortable and urban smart fortwo CoupĂ© . The ranking closes with the Fiat 500L , the 500 with wide spaces, the unquestionable class of the Audi A3 , the economical and metropolitan Ford Fiesta and the reliable and evergreen Volkswagen Polo .

Also find out how to sell a used car online

You don’t want to contact a private individual because you doubt the quality of the car? brumbrum is the first online used and km 0 car dealer offering quality, guarantee and savings. Each car on display in the digital showcase is our property and has been carefully checked. In addition, there is always a warranty of 12 months up to 3 years included in the price. The new car is perfect for those who intend to keep the car for at least 10 years and who want to have the security of an official warranty.