Important Pool Equipment You Need to Know About

Important Pool Equipment You Need to Know About
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A swimming pool is every homeowner’s hope and dream when it comes to a luxurious addition in their homes. But owning a pool also means more responsibility because these need to be maintained every week to ensure that it runs in optimal capacity. You can do the maintenance yourself or hire a pool contractor or company to do the job for you for a fee. So before you shop pool and spa supplies, think about the obligation that comes with it because enjoyment is also equal to the responsibility you have to take.

And if you plan on having a swimming pool equipped in your backyard, you’ll need to know the different equipment you’ll be cleaning. Here are some of these essential pool accessories and equipment that you’ll encounter when you own a swimming pool.

Pool Pumps

The pool pump will move the water through the other parts of the system. It regulates the pool water and will filter out the debris, algae, and contaminants that build up over time. The pool pumps also offer different kinds of filtration systems. So when choosing a pool pump, make sure that it’s ideal for the kind of swimming pool you own.


Skimmers are built on the sides of the pool that draw in water from the surface of the pool, where you will find most contaminants, such ad debris, sunscreen, hair, and bodily oils, dwell. The suction of the skimmers is so light that people won’t even notice them.  Once the pool enters your skimmer, it begins its journey through your pool’s filtration system.


The filter will remove fine debris, dust particles, and bacteria that may have made it past the sanitizer. They also come in three different varieties: sand, diatomaceous earth (D.E.), and cartridge. It depends on what you want to use for your pool, as all of them have their pros and cons.

Main Drain

The main drain is a bit misleading since it doesn’t normally drain the pool. And it’s seldom used that way. But it has the same function as the skimmer. It allows for better water circulation since the water is pulled from the top by the skimmers and then at the bottom by the main drain. 

These are some of the most important parts of a swimming pool you have to take into account when cleaning it. Once you get to know these parts, it will help you learn how to take care of them and clean them every week. And most of all, you’ll learn why it’s essential to take care of them. So before taking that nice dip, think if you cleaned those skimmers or those filters!