Liv at MB, the best place to live

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Live @ MB is a housing development currently on sale in the eastern coastal area of Singapore, which is near Arthur Road in district 15. The nearby places to Liv at Mb are very famous, and it is situated in such location from where easily connect to the major parts of the city. Liv MB is developed by one of Singapore’s most trustable and established home developers, Bukit Sembawang.

Advantages of Liv Mb:

  • One of the best advantages is the space; Liv at MB occupies more than other plots. There is more space means more land for facilities like landscaping and gardening.
  • The price of is comparably less of Liv Mb than the nearby places.
  • Many famous places are situated nearby, like Idyllic East Coast Park, which is just a distance of 9 minutes’ walk from Liv MB
  • One of the major projects, which is expected to be finished by 2023, Katong Park station, is just at 5 minutes, and it would make the land more valuable in the coming future.

Liv Mb is connected with major cities and easily accessible. The surrounding area offers good facilities. Also, Liv at MB is sea-facing too. Everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and sunset, no need to go too far because Liv at MB offers everything at a very reasonable price.

Important places nearby Liv MB:

  • Schools: Everyone wants nearby schools for their children to provide quality education. Just at 2km from liv MB, schools are located which provides quality educations for the bright future of the children.

  • Hospitals: If there is no hospital nearby, people get stressed in case of emergency, but no need to stress because the nearest hospital to Liv @ MB is just 15 min drive from the area.
  • Airports: the nearest airport from the area is just 12 mins away, so you will not miss your flights anymore.

Liv @ MB is the best place with all major hubs and important places like hospitals, schools, airports connected easily and can be reached in just 10-15 mins. This place is best for the frequent traveller and for the people who like their day after the completion of their working hour.