Tips to Select Accessories for Accomplishing Sample Analysis

Tips to Select Accessories for Accomplishing Sample Analysis
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With technological innovations, it has become easier to determine the concentration of elements using modern techniques. It includes mass spectroscopy which works based on the ionization of atoms when passed through a plasma source. As the technique is built with multi-elements, it is required to make use of ICP MS Cones that are manufactured as per industry standards for maintaining the interfaces.

Reliable features of the products are,

  • Designed with interface wrenches for the removal and installation of both skimmer and sampling cones perfectly.
  • Manufactured using high-quality materials like nickel and platinum with long-term stability features that aid in taking samples under various concentrations.
  • Products are delivered after quality testing to ensure sensitivity and optimization within the plasma.
  • Find items that are instrument compatible using base materials that range from copper to nickel-plate appropriately.
  • Accessories are designed to increase signal stability along with the option to reduce clogging problems.

You can read the technical specifications for buying sampling and skimmer cones sold in different models. It is important to purchase cleaning kits that include fixtures, cotton swabs, and alumina powder. While placing an order for ICP MS Cones, mention the part number correctly to receive the right product. The addition of a cone magnifier in the kit helps people to perform inspection and measurement with enhanced accuracy.

The perfect time to clean the cones is as follows,

  • While using the equipment continuously, it is required to clean daily for improving the frequency.
  • Check the different samples with low and high concentrations to avoid the problem of cross-contamination.
  • Verify visible deposits that deteriorate the performance of cones to a great extent.
  • Find the changes that are done for vacuum measurement periodically which are easily noticeable.
  • Validate the occurrence of blockage in cones that require immediate replacement to avoid further damage.

Individuals can look for different accessories sold at reasonable rates for accomplishing the cleaning process. Confirm the list price and quantity in advance upon which the total cost gets varied accordingly. It is mandatory to follow a gentle cleaning process for removing the deposition of different solids. Check the possibilities of using cone conditioning methods using calcium and nitric acid solutions.

Find below the different methods of cleaning the cones like,

  • Light cleaning with the use of detergents and metal cleaner that aids in improving the detection limits.
  • Standard cleaning using acid or detergent for removing the accumulation of salts and oxides in the cones.
  • Aggressive cleaning using a mechanical process that is done with diamond paste and special cleaning sticks.

With the option to pre-soak the cones in the cleaning agents, you can remove few sample deposits perfectly. Thread protection is also important to avoid the problem of thread distortion while using corrosive solutions for cleaning. To extend the lifetime of cones, it is essential to perform cone refurbishing at the right time.