Complete Your Celebration with Yummy Cakes

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Celebrations are meant to be a time of celebration and expression of joy. The return of a loved one, the birth of a child, the purchase or sale of property: all are things that deserve to be marked with cake.

Complete Your Celebration with Yummy Cakes

If you love eating cake as much as we do, then you know it’s no sin to complete your celebratory meal with an extra little something sweet when you order cakes online.

How to Make a Double-Crowned Cake

Take your standard cake batter recipe, and add in two separate bowls of the same ingredients. This trick will give you twice as much cake for half the effort. Just make sure you divide the batter equally between both bowls.

How to Add Flavorings to a Cake Mix

To give your cake a delicious flavor you can’t get anywhere else, simply sprinkle in some of your favorite spices. This makes a quick and easy dessert that will have your guests coming back for more.

How to Frost a Cake Mix

Modern cake mixes provide all the ingredients needed to frost a cake. As delicious as it might be, often times it doesn’t have much flavor of its own. You can add on your own homemade frosting or chocolate chips for an extra treat.

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How to Avoid Afternoon Sweats

You’ve probably noticed that certain flavors of cake can make you get hot and sweaty. To avoid this, just follow these simple steps to cook the cake in the oven instead.

How to Cut a Cake Safely and Properly

While it might seem like a simple thing for a pro, it boggles the mind how many people cut cakes incorrectly – with the knife running horizontally down through the middle of the cake before cutting off the dome. This can lead to damaged layers and breaking pieces, so it’s best to learn how to cut properly from one of our favorite cake-cutters on YouTube.