Hearth Australia: The Best Support Service Providers In Victoria

Hearth Australia: The Best Support Service Providers In Victoria
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People with disabilities have a wide range of experiences. Therefore, locating suitable support service providers can be extremely challenging. Finding the appropriate support for every individual’s needs is crucial to enhancing a person’s life, and doing so incorrectly can be detrimental. Hearth Australia is one of the best service providers for support services. Working with the participant’s support team, which consists of Allied Health, Psychologists, Social Workers, Educationalists, Medical Professionals, and, of course, Hearth Support Workers.

Frequently, the Hearth Support Workers spend the most time with the participant; therefore, the Hearth approach is most effective when the entire support team guides and empowers the Support Workers.

Hearth’s approach to disability services was novel and progressive. Several aspects of the “Hearth Approach” distinguish Hearth from a more conventional provider, including the Relationship Manager role, the support worker’s passion for the participant’s needs and interests, and the quality of the central support team, which includes compliance experts.

Hearth Australia

Hearth was inspired by the lived experience of its founder, Justin, and his son, Tristan, and was built from the ground up in 2017 to revolutionize disability support. It is constantly evolving through the input of hundreds of support workers and participants, and is bolstered by deep sector collaborations, including with leading universities. The services were expanded to include Allied Health and Housing in 2021. This was done in response to a demand from Hearth participants and the rest of the industry. The “Hearth way” of participant support is most effective when the entire team supports and facilitates the participant’s goals.

Assistance Services Hearth Australia’s Hearth Support Worker Services recruits, employs, matches, and trains disability support workers within the NDIS and provides ongoing support. Supports can be established rapidly, especially when they are less complex, such as community access. For more complex participants, however, it can take time to develop the appropriate sustainable supports. A lack of patience can compromise quality and longevity. Each participant and family situation is distinct.

Our home and neighborhood assistance services The Hearth Australia Offers are:

Help with daily activities

  • personal care assistance
  • complex medical assistance
  • Companionship
  • autonomous living – meal preparation, light housework,
  • travel-related assistance – mobility assistance, aids, and equipment
  • utilize community involvement and specialized training with Allied Health Professionals (Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist)

Our approach to housing has been developed as a result of an in-depth, two-plus-year study of the housing options available to people with disabilities, with the assistance of PWC and a large number of experts (PricewaterhouseCoopers). We believe that most people with disabilities are more than capable of living in community-integrated housing that does not require significant modifications. Government rental assistance is insufficient to cover the cost of renting a place with adequate access to family, transportation, and amenities for these individuals who, due to their disability, are unable to gain employment to pay the rent.