Learning The Taekwondo Basics And Its Benefits

Learning The Taekwondo Basics And Its Benefits
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Taekwondo, was originated in Korea, is a form of martial art. It involves two competitors fighting against each other using their feet and hands. Unlike other popular martial arts, taekwondo focuses on kicking, kicks that feature spinning or jumping. The fighters will receive points for every blow to the opponent’s body.

The rating depends on how they hit and where they hit. Taekwondo has three rounds and the fighter with more points wins the match. To understand more about the sport, learn the taekwondo basics for beginners.

What is the requirement of taekwondo?

Taekwondo doesn’t require anything but mental focus in tandem with ability and physical agility. The martial art is considered a sport and is participated in all competitions, and ages exist around the world. The  taekwondo sport became a part of the Olympic Games.

Taekwondo basic rules

Like other martial arts and sports, taekwondo has rules to follow by the competitors during the competitions. Here are some of the taekwondo sport basic rules:

  • Competitors are penalized for certain actions, such as:
    • Hits with the knee
    • Punches to the face
    • Faking an injury to stop play
    • Step a foot out of the ring
  • When both fighters tie up each other at the end of three rounds, an “overtime” period will happen. The competitor who first lands the hit on the opponent’s body wins the match.
  • Competitors must be in the same weight group and gender.
  • The competitor loses the match automatically if it is knocked back by the opponent.

taekwondo basics for beginners

Basic skills in Taekwondo

There are basic Taekwondo techniques used:

  • Blocks
  • Punches
  • Kicks

Taekwondo is a powerfully effective form of self-defense. It is built from multiple basic hand techniques to:

  • Blocks an opponent attacks a
  • Deliver a counter strike

Taekwondo is a world-famous sport for its kicking techniques.

How many rounds of Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is the official sport of the summer Olympics. The Korean martial art places importance on kicking. The participants are fully-padded and compete against each other, doing their best to land the most kicks onto the opponent. The fighters are equipped with sensors on socks and every kick is recorded when certain amounts of kicks are met.

Each taekwondo match has three rounds of fighting, every round lasts for two minutes. A fighter with more points is determined as the winner. When the score is tied between the two fighters at the end of three rounds, there will be a “final golden point” round. A fighter that scores a point first on the final golden point round wins the match.

Different facets of taekwondo

Taekwondo has many different facets that can be important to you.

  1. It is a very physical activity.
  2. Competitors receive points for hits against the opponents
  3. The match lasts three rounds
  4. It takes mental strength

Taekwondo is very physical and mental.