Love wearing silk sleepwear?

Love wearing silk sleepwear
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Thickness in silk pajamas have a lot in universal combination as they relate to the silk crop, there are few noticeable disparities you should understand. Here is why silk nightwear is popular.

– Wear Resistance: 19 mm silk is considered to be the entry level of high-end silk and is quite wear resistant. However, unlike bedding products, pyjamas and other sleepwear are subject to much greater use (and washing) and as such we find that the old 19 mm silk simply wasn’t able to satisfy our original intention to last up to 10 years, while the 22 mm line is easily able to do so.

– Duration: similar to the previous point, but slightly different. While wear resistance is certainly part of the general durability criteria, durability in this case refers to the fabric’s ability to withstand random or accidental abuse that occurs on a fairly frequent basis. It is u similar and uncommon for our commodities to be incorrectly tossed into the bad wash process, rinsed with the impropere substances / detergents, cleaned with a device to dry for lot of time on end, etc., and many times the owners do not realize they may have used the wrong method. 19 silk mm is noticeably weaker in its ability to deal with these events than its 22 mm counterparts. [more on this later]

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– Aging of tissues: Silk fabrics age over time and become dull, and there are a number of factors that help determine how quickly this aging process occurs. Some of the most important factors include the frequency of washing, the quality of the water, the amount of use, and one factor that is often overlooked is the density of the fabric. Lower quality silk like that used in women’s lingerie can effortlessly evolve to be mild after a periodic washes, while 19 mm silk generally begins to lose its original external luster after 5-6 months of use. However, mm silk can last up to 2 years before you start to notice that it has started to dull.

In the end, we think the old 19-mm line for pajamas doesn’t fit our overall image of a high-end silk salesman. Our goal is to sell products that are not only comfortable and healthy, but also durable and long-lasting. The 22 mm updates are much more in line with our purpose in this case.

In these brief technical notes you can find information on the materials encountered when you are about to purchase an item of clothing in general or, as in our case, a corsetry item, a pajama, a bathing suit or whatever. more you will find in our shop.

We do not claim in these brief notes on the subject that we have exposed everything that could be said on the subject. We simply wanted to give simple and concise information in the hope that it will be of some use.