The Importance of Finding a Tax Law Lawyer

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After receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS, you must discuss it with an attorney familiar with the applicable tax laws. The tax attorney will be responsible for communicating with the IRS, responding to an IRS tax audit and negotiating, and reducing any penalties that may have been imposed.

If you have a personal lawyer for all your basic legal needs, try asking for recommendations.

You may know a lawyer who specializes in taxation. You can also contact the person who prepares your tax returns or your chartered public accountant, or certified public accountant. Although these people are well versed in the tax field, they may lack experience with the IRS, especially in taking your case to an auditing agency or tax courts.

If you already have a tax attorney in mind, make sure they are advanced training in tax law, such as a master’s degree in law. Some states require a tax attorney to appear before the IRS on behalf of a client. You will also benefit if your tax attorney is a certified public accountant. Before hiring a tax attorney, check with a few of them first. Look for references to make sure they have received training and experience in this area of ​​law.

A tax attorney who also specializes in income tax would be a plus. It is someone who loves to spend time reviewing tax information and can explain misunderstandings made in your case to an IRS tax audit. However, he must be willing to work with his financial planner or accountant. When you get a notice in the mail from the IRS, you must notify your attorney as soon as possible. There’s a good chance it’s something important to your business. Hiding a notification, no matter what it says, will only make matters worse for you.

As you can see, there are many ways an IRS tax relief attorney can help you improve your situation, like can stop IRS investigations & revenue officers. If you’re tired of being bothered by the IRS and looking for professional answers, find an attorney who is prepared to provide you with the level of service you deserve.


Discuss attorney’s fees. If everything is promising, this information will help you make a decision. Whatever your fees are, ask for a payment schedule as well as other expenses that may not be included in your professional fees. If you cannot afford to hire one, there are many legal aid clinics throughout the country.