Top 3 Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips
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Dogs are adorable, but at the same time they can be a real pain when it comes to grooming. Their hair grows constantly, so keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance can be a lot of work but is made easier by Dog grooming Coconut Grove. In order to keep your furry friend looking their best without too much effort on your part, here are some top tips for grooming your dog.


Use natural bristle brushes as opposed to synthetic bristles or wire brushes that could cause damage to the coat during brushing. It is best to use a soft brush on the outside and a hard bristle brush for the inside used by Pet groomers near me to prevent over-brushing or using too much pressure. Depending on the coat type, use some conditioner between brushings and at least one day betweet Dog grooming Coconut Grove brushing out.

Dog grooming

Dogs do not have to be bathed as often as cats but it is still recommended that they have a bath once a month or up to once every two months depending on how often you groom them. Bathing should be limited to those times when mats or dirt build up that is extremely difficult to remove.

Brushing keeps the coat healthy and clean and removes dead hair so it will not be shed around the house. It is a good way to keep nails trimmed by Dog grooming Coconut Grove and prevent matting from building up. Brushing at Pet groomers near me also removes fleas and other insects from the coat so your dog is less likely to be infested by them. If your dog experiences a flea problem, it can be difficult to get the issue under control and once they are infested, it is extremely difficult to rid them.

Another benefit of regular brushing is that it helps to keep your dog from chewing on their fur that may cause an uncomfortable itching sensation for them. Brushing also helps remove dead hair, though it may take a little time for the dead hair to fall out and not be seen as new growth.


It is important to keep up with trimming fur around the paws, face, and other areas where hair is constantly growing. However, you want to make sure that your pet is comfortable with you touching these areas before you decide to trim them. If they are not used to grooming or you are not confident in your skills, it is recommended that you take your dog to a professional groomer.


Depending on the coat type and frequency of grooming done with Pet groomers near me, bathing may not be necessary for every dog. Short haired dogs do not need to be bathed as frequently but long haired dogs may need to be bathed on a monthly basis. If you want to learn more about the proper bathing routine for your dog, check out some of our other articles on dog grooming.

Brushing and Bathing can go a long way towards keeping your dog looking its best. These tips can also help prevent matting and keep your pet from over-grooming.