6 Events Where You Can’t Compromise On Wearing A Watch

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A watch is a classy addition to any outfit. Modern wristwatches don’t just tell time but also offer different features and functions. With the advancing technology, you can now wear a watch even while running, sky diving and swimming. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, an athlete or just want to be punctual, here are six events where you can’t compromise on wearing a watch.

Business Meetings

If you are heading to a business meeting, arriving on time is a necessity. Being late can give a bad impression and jeopardize your chances of success. Wearing a watch will help you keep track of time and ensure that you arrive on time. A sleek and professional wristwatch can also complete your business attire, leaving a lasting impression on your clients or colleagues.

Job Interviews

Similar to business meetings, arriving on time for a job interview is crucial. Employers will be impressed if you are punctual, which can set a good impression. Additionally, wearing a watch can show that you are responsible and value time, which are qualities employers seek in an employee. A classy lady’s watch or a sophisticated men’s watch will help you leave a lasting impression. You can find classy ladies watch Singapore in many stores.

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Sporting Events

Whether you are participating in a sporting event or just watching, wearing a watch can help you be on time, ensuring that you don’t miss any significant moments. Many digital watches also have features like a stopwatch or timer, making it easier to time yourself or keep track of the game’s progress.


A wedding is a formal occasion where every minute counts. Whether you’re the groom, bride, or guest, wearing a watch will help you stay on schedule, complement your formal attire and add a touch of elegance.


Travelling can be hectic, especially when you have a flight or train to catch. Wear a watch so that you don’t miss your train or flight. Some wristwatches also have features like a world timer or dual time zone, making it easier to keep track of time when travelling to different time zones.

Outdoor Activities

Wearing a watch while hiking, camping, or outdoors can be helpful. It can help you check the time, ensuring you don’t get lost or miss your transportation. If you are an adventure seeker and like trekking and camping, choose a watch with features like a compass, altimeter, or barometer.

Some modern watches are also waterproof and measure speed, number of steps, water depth and other parameters making them ideal to wear while swimming, running or during other sporty activities.

Wearing a watch is not just a fashion statement but a necessity, especially on certain occasions where time is of the essence. So, next time you’re heading to an event, wear a watch to keep track of time.