Georgia Natural Gas Rates

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Georgia Natural Gas Rates

The deregulation process in Georgia has allowed residents to benefit from competitive rates, bill credits, flexible plans, and more. While your local utility company still delivers electricity, you can choose from a wide range of companies that are certified by the state to sell natural gas through the pipeline you already have.

The Georgia Public Service Commission oversees this new market to ensure that consumers are adequately protected and rates are fair. These gas suppliers offer various rates and plans to fit your budget and lifestyle, including fixed or variable rates. Gas suppliers can provide ways to save, such as discount and bill credit. They also provide superior customer service. Xoom Energy has connected Georgia residential natural gas customers with Xoom Energy since 2017. They provide the energy everyone requires with plans and pricing that are perfect for your specific situation.

Your georgia natural gas bill is split into several sections that determine the amount you be charged. Delivery charges are the portion of your bill that is devoted to your pipeline system to ensure safe delivery of gas to your home. Supply charges comprise the remaining portion of the cost you pay to your natural gas provider. This portion is charged per therm and may be subject to changes in market conditions.

The average consumption of gas for residential homes in Georgia is 717 thermos per month. This varies depending on the size of your home and the use you make of your cooling and heating systems. You’ll likely consume more gas during winter months and less during summer. Your bill will reflect these fluctuations. The best GA natural gas rate can be found by scouting around and comparing offers from multiple providers.

Georgia currently has two investor-owned natural gas distribution companies: Atlanta Gas Light and Liberty Utilities. The AGL system serves most of the state, while Liberty Utilities covers Cataula, Harris County, Columbus, and surrounding areas. Georgia was the first state in the nation to let residents choose their natural gas provider of their own through deregulation, which was implemented in 1998. The deregulated system gives residents to purchase natural gas from any AGL accredited supplier as long as they are able to transport the gas via their own pipes.

Your AGL account is a unique identifier which connects you to your utility service. Depending on your location your gas supply is provided by the following certified service providers: