SCF Shipping Containers: The Future of Freight

SCF's shipping container range
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Moving freight around the world has always been a difficult task. Sure, there are various trucks, railroads, and airplanes to carry goods, but what if you want to move something at a rate of speed that is much faster than any regular transportation? The answer is SCF Shipping Containers — these metal boxes can quickly move in and out of ports. SCF containers can be moved quickly because they can be robotically maneuvered using computer software programming. Their quick understanding and adaptability make them ideal for every type of transport — land, sea, or air. They can be used anywhere around the world to transport goods effortlessly.

SCF containers are larger than standard 20-foot containers and weigh in at a whopping 6,100 pounds. That is more than double the size of the standard 20 foot container and even has room for 4 SCF’s shipping container range. These units can be configured exactly as you need them. They can be stacked high or straddled across multiple jets for rapid transportation, making them ideal for moving large amounts of cargo without slowing down. Their ability to move quickly makes them suitable for both domestic and international travel. The innovation behind these SCF containers is what makes them so unique. Rather than having humans loading and unloading shipping containers at ports, robots can do the work in a fraction of the time, which leads to much more efficient shipping.

The technology of the robots themselves is fascinating. The robots are all capable of moving in three different axes using GPS motion tracking systems — these have a high level of accuracy, making them even more desirable for use with SCF containers. The robots can be operated through any computer system or other handheld device and can be programmed to move at specific speeds and carry certain items as they move through a port. The robots can work together to ensure that all of the cargo is unloaded from the containers to enable faster transportation of goods.

Another fantastic attribute of the technology behind these SCF containers is that they are completely wireless, which allows them to be operated entirely from a smartphone on board a ship or jet. The computers that control the movement and positioning of the robots can be connected to a computer and moved along with them if needed. This allows every worker on board to easily use a handheld device rather than risk injury or accident by manually controlling the bots themselves, which would be otherwise impossible.

The largest benefit of the new SCF shipping containers is that they will allow for more goods to be transported. They can be stacked closely together on trains, planes, and ships and still have plenty of room for other items inside of them. All this flexibility means faster transportation times, which will lower costs in the long run. The technology behind SCF containers has made it much easier to ship goods anywhere — so if you want to get something moved quickly, or see how these incredible robots work, check out SCF Shipping Containers today!