Maths Isn’t as Scary as You Think: We Can Help!

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Alot  of people seem to be scared of math, especially a-level math. Now,  a level math tuition usually goes for a hefty price when you want only the best so were here to make sure you get your money’s worth!

Along the line, you might be thinking of stuff like: “My money is wasted on things I cant understand!” or “This is too hard for me!” or maybe even “Math is short for Mental Abuse To Humans!”

These are all very valid points and we do understand that, for some, all the numbers and letters and equations can fly over their heads very quickly. But heres the thing, it actually isnt as scary or as hard as you think! Here is why:

It is all about Pattern Recognition

At its very core, mathematical equations all boils down to pattern recognition- and the thing about pattern recognition is that it gets easier with continued practice.

A common solution to people struggling with math, is repeated practice problems for topics that they have difficulty in. An hour or two of daily practice is enough to make even the biggest nonbelievers into math wizards!

Break it Down

We dont mean an emotional breakdown (although it is very much valid if you have one, just dont give up!), by breaking it down, we mean deconstructing the problem into easily digestible and more understandable parts so you can solve them slowly.

A math problem, and by extension, an equation is basically made up of many different parts that make it a whole. A good place to begin with if you dont know where to start is by identifying and breaking it down into parts so you can slowly make progress towards solving the entire thing. Try prioritizing the things you know first before going into the bigger and harder parts so you can understand them better.

Persistence is Key

Now, for complete beginners, it will be hard- we cant deny that. But as we said before, it gets easier the more you learn to do it. Dont give up just because you enmcounter a problem you cant solve, use the resources given to you!

Consult your teacher or tutor, maybe even your friends or classmates. Asking for help is very much encouraged, it is certainly one of the great ways to learn!

Ask for Help When Needed

There is absolutely no shame in asking for help when you dont understand certain topics. We understand that people progress at different paces and that their starting points are not the same, so it is normal that some people know certain topics while other do not.

An environment where you can safely ask for help is one that is very conducive to learning. In fact, by asking for help, you can communicate and brainstorm with your peers so you all can learn together- isnt that amazing? Teachers and tutors exist for reason so dont be shy to approach them!


At the end of the day, a little progress is better than absolutely no progress at all. The key to making math seem less of a threat than it actually is is to simply face it then you will find out that it wasnt so hard after all!