Technologies For Solar Lights: For Commercial & Industrial Solar Lights

Technologies For Solar Lights: For Commercial & Industrial Solar Lights
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Choosing the ideal outdoor solar lighting comes down to personal preference. You might wish to use decorative, conventional, modern, or even fanciful lights. Solar lights are excellent for walks, driveways, ponds, patios, decks, and gardens. Whatever type of solar light you want, it is not challenging to locate one you will adore for many years ahead.

Highlux Smart Solar Lighting provides outdoor solar lights that are constructed and compliant with Australian standards in a 10-year warranty, 15+ year design life, and manufactured solar bollards.

Solar Ranges

outdoor solar lights

  • Their solar solution-focused line of outdoor lighting to you connect to the sun.
  • Solar is made and chosen to thrive in all Australian environments, including urban, rural, and harsh extremes like snow, sea, and dunes.
  • Furthermore, their selection is customised, off-the-shelf, and custom outdoor solar lighting systems.
  • All goods are a minimum 5-year warranty covering design, manufacture, and performance.

What items does their solar lighting offer?

  • Solarbollard

The Highlux Smart Solar Lighting is an award-winning, vandal-resistant, Solar Bollard for pathway & waypoint lighting. Its industrial-grade solar bollard lights for councils, mines, and the building & construction industries. With the features of high vandal resistance, low maintenance, & reliable dusk-to-dawn operation all year round.

The solar bollard gives out a low-level eco-friendly, natural white light, with minimum light spill (wastage) and a minimum 5-year warranty on performance.

Solar Bollard is one of the most efficient industrial solar bollard lights markets, providing reliable dusk-to-dawn lighting every night. Even in winter, the solar can hold a charge for a minimum of 4 consecutive nights.

  • Solablade

Solablade offers dependable twilight-to-dawn service throughout the five-year warranty covering the product’s construction and functionality. Perfect for tiny parking lots, pathways, jetties, boating ramps,  parks, and open areas.

  • Solanova

For highways, streets, reserves and parks, parking lots, walkways and pedestrian walkways, jetty and boat ramps, mine sites, and industrial zones, SOLANOVA is a highly efficient overhead solar lighting system.

  • Solabaton

Solabaton is best for picnic and barbeque shelters in parks and open spaces, pedestrian tunnels, areas under eaves, and bus shelters. With the option of a cage for best protection and is vandal-resistant (IK09). Additionally, a five-year warranty covers the product’s construction and functionality.

  • Solanero

Solanero has a five-year warranty on the manufacture and performance of the product. Ideal for trash collection locations, public restrooms, entrance and side access gates, and entrances to parking garages.

What are lighting for business & commercial solar lights?

For every lighting project, Highlux provides efficient solar lighting options. To provide solar solutions in several of Australia’s most difficult geographic regions, from the surf coast to the winter and city streets to desolate desert landscapes, Highlux collaborates with municipalities, mines, civil, building & construction industries. These applications that are most often requested are:

  • pathway lighting
  • car park lighting
  • public parks and a reserve lighting
  • roads and streets
  • pedestrian access ways
  • holiday parks
  • mine sites and camps
  • jetties and boat camps
  • grounds and garden lighting